Phone: (989) 826-1110
Fax: (989) 826-1136
311 Morenci Street
Mio, MI 48647

Jeri Winton
County Clerk
PO Box 399
311 Morenci Street
Mio, MI 48647

Mon-Fri 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Closed on Saturday & Sunday


Ronald M. Bergeron
Chief Circuit Judge

120 N. Grove, PO Box 609
Standish, MI 48658
(989) 846-6131
Fax: (989) 846-6757

William F. Myles
Chief Circuit Judge Pro Tempore
422 West lake Street
PO Box 658
Tawas City, Michigan 48764
(989) 362-3485
Fax: (989) 984-1006


Kathryn J. Root
Oscoda County Probate and Presiding Family Court Judge
Courthhouse Annex
105 S. Court Street
PO Box 399
Mio, MI 48647
(989) 826-1107
Fax: (989) 826-1158


Cristy Slocum
Circuit Court Administrator
120 N. Grove, PO Box 609
Standish, MI 48658
(989) 846-6200
Fax: (989) 846-6757


Michael Freidgen
420 West Lake Street, PO Box 837
Tawas City, MI 48764
(989) 362-2573
Fax: (989) 984-1108


Christal Richards
Assignment Clerk/Judicial Secretary for Judge Bergeron
(989) 846-6131
Fax: (989) 846-6757

Cheryl Southworth
Assignment Clerk/Judicial Secretary for Judge Myles
(989) 362-3485
Fax: (989) 984-1006

April Stephenson
ADR Clerk/Family Division Assignment Clerk
(989) 984-1005
Fax: (989) 984-1006

Wendy Dematio
Court Reporter for Judge Bergeron
(989) 846-6131

Deborah Hill
Court Reporter for Judge Myles
(989) 984-1004


The 23rd Judicial Circuit Court one of the largest circuits, geographically, in the State of Michigan. The 23rd Circuit Court covers the Counties of Alcona, Arenac, Iosco and Oscoda and has two Circuit Judges.

The 23rd Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all civil cases involving over $25,000, all criminal cases where the offense is a felony or serious misdemeanor, all domestic relations cases, all child abuse, neglect and delinquency cases and other case types.

The Circuit Court also hears appeals from District Court; appeals from local government boards such as zoning appeals; and appeals from some administrative agencies of state government such as the Driver's License Appeal Division of Secretary of State.

Judge Ronald M Bergeron was elected to the Circuit Court bench in 1996. Prior to his election to the Circuit Court, Judge Bergeron sat as a Probate/Juvenile Judge from 1983 to 1996.

Judge William F. Myles was elected to the Circuit Court bench in 2002.

Legal Services of Northern Michigan

Legal Service of Northern Michigan (LSNM) is a non-profit organization which provides legal assistance in civil matters (non-criminal) to eligible low income persons. LSNM does not charge for its service. However, clients may be required to pay court costs if the Court does not grant a waiver of those costs. Applicants must meet LSNM's income and asset guidelines. Only persons who meet the income and asset guidelines can be considered for services.

Legal Hotline for Michigan Seniors

This service offers free telephone advice for persons over age 60 and, depending on your income, possibly Pro Bono or reduced fee referrals to private attorneys.

"Underground Railroad, Inc" Civil Legal Assistance Program

PO Box 2451
Saginaw, Michigan 48605

This program helps victims of domestic violence with civil legal advice and representation. The staff consists of three attorneys and one paralegal. Advice, referrals and help with completing forms is free to all qualifying clients. Clients requiring services will be asked to provide income information. Representation will be provided for free to clients meeting certain guidelines. However, all clients may be expected to pay court costs unless waived by the Court. Payment plans can be arranged.

Courthouse Security:

1. No weapons are allowed in the Oscoda County Courthouse. This prohibition does not apply to court security personnel in the performance of their official duties or law enforcement officers who are transporting prisoners. The Chief Judge may authorize additional exceptions in extraordinary circumstances.

2. All persons and their belongings and all parcels are subject to screening by the Oscoda County Sheriff Department or the Court Bailiff for the purpose of keeping weapons from entering the facility. If at any time there is an articulated or reasonable suspicion that a weapon may be found, a person or object is subject to search. The search shall be no more intrusive than necessary to protect against the dangers presented.

3. Notice is posted that "No weapons are permitted in the Oscoda County Courthouse. All persons and parcels are subject to a search for weapons and restricted items as a condition of entry. Persons in violation of this order may be held in contempt of court".

4. All cellular phones and pagers must be turned off before entering the courtroom.

5. The following will not be tolerated while in the courtroom: A) eating food of any kind B) chewing gum C) drinking beverages D) talking.

Attire in courtroom:

Litigants, witnesses, and jurors shall be appropriately attired when attending a session of court. Proper attire for gentlemen could include; button shirt, sweater, slacks, shoes and stocking. Proper attire for women could include dress, blouse, sweater, skirt, slacks, suit and shoes. No bare feet, bare midriff or shorts will be allowed.

Seeking Legal Advice:

Lawyer Referral Services
State Bar of Michigan

Jury Duty:

Jurors are an essential part of the American Judicial System. Most people who serve on jury duty find it to be worthwhile and extremely helpful in understanding how the legal system works. Without jurors, the jury system cannot work. We know that jury service means rearranging schedules, canceling appointments and, often times, missing work. Your public service as a juror protects our right as Americans to have a trial by an impartial jury of our peers. Should you be called to serve as a juror in Oscoda County, we will make every effort to make your experience valuable and to cause you the least inconvenience possible.

If you have been selected to serve on a jury, you may call 989-826-1111 after 5:00 PM the evening before your report date to receive the latest information regarding your trial.


How was I selected to serve as a juror?

You were randomly selected by the Michigan Secretary of State via computer from an index of all Oscoda County residents over 18 year of age currently holding a Michigan Drivers License or a Michigan Personal Identification card.

Who is exempt from jury service?

You are exempt if:

  1. You are not a United States Citizen

  2. You do not speak or understand English

  3. You are over 70 years old and wish to claim that exemption

  4. You have served as a juror during the past 12 months

  5. You have been convicted of a felony

Can I be excused from jury duty?

To be considered for excuse from jury duty, you must submit a letter to the Circuit Judge with your reason to be excused or deferred to a different time. If you request to be excused because of medical reasons, please attach a note from your physician. Failure to appear for jury duty without proper excuse may result in contempt of court.

Am I required by law to fill out the qualifying jury questionnaire?

You are required by state law to fill out the qualifying questionnaire and return it to the County Clerk for filing no later then ten days from the date you receive it. Persons who do not respond to the questionnaire may be requested to appear before the Circuit Judge to explain why the questionnaire was not completed and returned. Failure to report for jury duty my result in a Cause Hearing being scheduled by the Court.

The questionnaire is addressed to my son/daughter who is away at college/military. What should I do?

Again, by law, the questionnaire must be returned. You have two options, forward the questionnaire to him/her and have them return it within ten days, or you can fill out the questionnaire for him/her indicating their situation, sign your name indicating that you are the parent or legal representative and return the questionnaire within the ten days. If they have permanently moved and changed their address on their driver's license and declared residency in another county or state, please indicate and return the form.

I received a questionnaire, but no longer live in Oscoda County, What should I do?

By law, you must still return the questionnaire. We request that you indicate your new address and return the questionnaire within ten days.

How much does it cost to file a case in Circuit Court?

The filing fee to open a Circuit Court Case is currently $150.00.

What is the cost for creating a new record?

Some of the common charges are:

  1. Criminal record search that requires the creation or compilation of a new written record at the request of the customer - $10.00

  2. Civil record search that requires the creation or compilation of a new written record at the request of the customer - $10.00

  3. Certified copy of conviction, judgment or other filed document - $10.00 plus $1.00 per page.

  4. Copy of filed document, not certified - $1.00 per page

  5. Copy of court form - $1.00 per page

  6. Copy of register of actions - $1.00 per page

How much does it cost to file a Motion?

The filing fee for a motion is $20.00.

Does the Court accept Credit Cards?

Yes. Court ordered fees, costs and bonds can be paid by credit card through Government Payment Services by calling 1-888-604-7888 toll free 24 hours a day.

What is the "Friend of the Court Final Judgment Order Fee"?

The Friend of the Court Final Judgment or Order Fee is $80.00 regardless of whether the Friend of the Court conducted an investigation or the parties "opted out" of Friend of the Court services. Any post judgment action in which the custody or parenting time for minor children is determined will incur an $80.00 fee to be paid at the same time that the $20.00 motion fee is paid.

In any action where only the support of minor child/children is determined or modified a $40.00 fee will be paid at the same time that the $20.00 motion fee is paid.

In the event a Judgment or Order contains both custody/parenting time and support provisions, only the $80.00 fee is required.

May I obtain a copy of "transcripts" of Circuit Court proceedings?

Yes, you may order copies of transcripts directly from the Court Reporter. There is a fee for these documents which is set by state statute. Please contact the court reporter for the judge assigned to the case for a cost estimate and more information.

Where do I file for a Personal Protection Order (PPO)? Is there a fee?

You apply for a Personal Protection Order, both "Domestic" and "Stalking", at the Circuit Court Clerk's Office. There is no fee for the paperwork or filing. However, if you have a law enforcement agency do the service, there is a fee for this service.