(Linking your needs with the correct county resource)

Adoption Records Family Court 989-826-1115
Animal Control Rex Schank 989-745-1910
Birth Certificates County Clerk 989-826-1110
Building Permits Building Dept 989-826-1164
Child Support Friend of the Court 800-952-3362
COATS Council on Aging 989-826-3025
Community Center Rental County Maintenance Dept 989-826-1168
Concealed Weapons Permits County Clerk 989-826-1109
Criminal Records - Felony County Clerk 989-826-1110
Criminal Records - Misdemeanor District Court 989-826-1106
DBAs (Doing Business As) County Clerk 989-826-1109
Death Certificates County Clerk 989-826-1110
Delinquent Property Taxes County Treasurer 989-826-1113
Divorce Records County Clerk 989-826-1110
Dog Licenses County Treasurer 989-826-1113
Election Information County Clerk 989-826-1110
Evictions District Court 989-826-1106
4-H Programs MSU Extension Office 989-826-1160
Guardianship Probate Court 989-826-1107
Jury Information County Clerk 989-826-1110
Juvenile Matters Family Division 989-826-1115
Marriage Licenses County Clerk 989-826-1110
Meals on Wheels Council on Aging 989-826-5812 or 826-2216
Military Discharges County Clerk 989-826-1110
Notary Public Applications County Clerk 989-826-1110
Passports & Passport Pictures County Clerk 989-826-1111
Pay a Traffic Ticket District Court 989-826-1106
Personal Protection Orders County Clerk 989-826-1110
Plat Books County Treasurer 989-826-1113
Probation - Circuit Court Probation Dept 989-826-2285
Probation - District Court District Court 989-826-1105
Property Descriptions Equalization Dept 989-826-1103
Property Numbers Equalization Dept 989-826-1103
Record a Deed Register of Deeds 989-826-1116
Record a Property Tax Lein Register of Deeds 989-826-1116
Sewer & Water Issues Big Creek - Mentor Utility Authority 989-826-6568
Wedding Ceremony District Court 989-826-1106
Wills on File Probate Court 989-826-1107